Looking To Get More Out of Your Website Traffic?

10x Your Results with Our Retargeting System

Our 10x Retargeting system helps solve a very specific problem:  96% of the people that visit your website take no action at all.   

It's important to understand that every visitor is a potential buyer from today to 90 days out.  There is no way of knowing who is who, but we do know they all fit into one of 1 of 3 categories:

  1.  They are looking for a good deal.
  2.  They are looking for a reputable company. 
  3.  They are looking for a specific product or service. 

So what happens if someone visited your website but may not have seen exactly what they were looking for?  They leave and forget you ever existed.    

Our 10x retargeting system focuses on solving this problem works on autopilot to help bring these visitors back to you - by focusing on ads that address all three areas mentioned above (offering a good deal, showing you are a reputable company and showing your product or services through branding).  

How it works:

Step 1 - We install a pixel on your site so that we can track the people visiting your website. 

Step 2 - We create 10 different ads that focus on the 3 reasons why the visitor would have visited your website.   It looks something like this: 

  1. People looking for a good deal = Offer Ads
  2. People looking for a reputable company = Reputation Ads
  3. People looking for a specific product or service = Branding Ads.  

Step 3 - We then target your website visitors using our Traffic Fuel Advertising Network.   We rotate the ads for the next 90 days using our system to lure them back to your site and into your sales process.  

Here is an illustration of where the ads are placed over the next 90 days.

This System is Designed For:

  • Businesses that want to increase the performance of their website. 
  • Businesses that want to increase visibility &  credibility
  • Businesses that want to build better brand awareness

Diagram of how the ads will rotate over the next 90 days: