Most businesses want a steady stream of new and repeat customers (who wouldn’t, right?!)

What most businesses do not realize is that Facebook’s Advertising Platform was actually designed

specifically for local businesses to connect with their ideal customers.

Over time, Facebook has been collecting data on its users  – so it knows what people like, the type of content they like to consume AND the types of Advertisements they most likely will resonate with and respond to.

Facebook Advertising has become  A LOCAL BUSINESSES DREAM because Facebook allows businesses to tap into the information they have on its users in a meaningful and productive way.


THE PROBLEM Most businesses have with Facebook is that they are simply using it wrong.

Businesses that focus on Social Interactions (likes, shares, and engagement) are missing the boat.

It’s not about posting content on your Facebook page and then hitting the “Boost” button and hoping for the best.   That is a “social” mindset…

**** Instead, businesses should be looking at the targeting characteristics, the customer journey, and the business metrics Facebook offers ****

Facebook Targeting  – Drill down who your best customers are and target them on Facebook.  

Facebook Customer Journey – Create the crave, drive the visit and then bring them back!


Facebook Business Metrics

6 Useful Facebook Advertising Ideas for Your Business

So I promised you I would give you some practical, real-world ideas on how Facebook Advertising could help your business grow continually – and on autopilot.

Facebook Campaign Suggestion 1 – Local Awareness Ads

Grow your brand awareness by running targeted advertisements to people that live within a 10-mile radius of your location (+ or -).    Use awareness campaigns to stay top of mind with your target audience so they never forget who your business is + they will become more receptive when they see other promotions you are running.   It all starts with brand awareness!

Facebook Campaign Suggestion 2 –  Birthday, Anniversary or Special Events Campaigns

Facebook allows businesses to target people that have upcoming birthdays and anniversaries – as well as other special life events like:  recently moved to the area, recently purchased a house and people that recently changed jobs.   Run a special offer to people that have special events coming up!

Facebook Campaign Suggestion 3 – Special Promotion Campaigns

Get the word out (quickly) about a new product or service you are offering by running a special promotions campaign.   You could also use this method if you simply need more foot traffic into your establishment – simply run a quick sale during your slow hours.

Facebook Campaign Suggestion 4 – Lead Ads & Messaging Campaigns

Run targeted ads and encourage your prospects to connect with you inside of Facebook.   Facebook messenger has become a major communication port between Businesses and Consumers – take advantage of your customers that would prefer to communicate right inside of Facebook.

Facebook Campaign Suggestion 5 – Email List Ads

Facebook allows you to upload your existing email list and run targeted ads specifically to them.   If you have an email list – it would be foolish not to stay top of mind by running simple ads that keep your brand fresh in their minds.  Facebook Messenger allows you to personalize the experience your prospects have with your business (right inside of FB!).

Facebook Campaign Suggesting 6 – Retargeting Ads

Out of all the types of campaigns, you can run on Facebook – this is one campaign EVERY business should be doing.   Facebook allows you to run ads to people that visit specific pages of your website (cheaply!).  Keep your brand fresh with the people that already expressed interest in your business by showing ads to people that visit your website.


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