7 Fatal Mistakes That KILL Local Businesses – part 3 – Lack of an Appealing Offer
Today’s consumer is much more informed than of years past.   They are much more internet savvy and they usually do much more research before they purchase.   This requires businesses to change they way they bring people into their sales process.    Here are the four stages businesses should consider when marketing to their top prospects:
  • Stage 1 – Create  Awareness of your product or service
  • Stage 2 – Create Interest/Desire of your product or service
  • Stage 3 – Entice them to Try your product or service (with an appealing offer)
  • Stage 4 – Convert your prospects that have tried your product or service into purchasing (or upselling/cross-selling them with other products or services).

At the core of these four stages is an appealing offer for your prospects.   The most successful marketing and sales campaigns have an appealing offer to get top prospects into their sales funnels.   Ideas for an appealing offer:

  1. Buy one get one free birthday offer/anniversary offer.
  2. Offer a Money back guarantee
  3. A % Off first purchase
  4. Buy 2 get one free offer

You must understand the lifetime value of your customer when considering your offer.  In some cases, it makes sense to give something of value upfront (where the business does not profit immediately; however, the customer will purchase more from you in the future which makes up for your initial investment into the customer).

When you think about it, the sales process is very similar to dating (for the business).   Your company is on trial in hopes to earn your best prospects business.   Well, if that’s the case, make sure you “Bring the flowers” and “open the car door” for your best prospects with a compelling, low risk offer.

Jesse Erickson

About the author

🔥.  I have an intense passion for helping businesses improve how they market, sell and fulfill their products and services.    My goal with every business I work with is to build predictable revenue each month so that they can focus on what they do best = serve their customers!