Success Story

Baking in context for quality leads

The New York-based bakery and café created lead adverts to boost email subscriptions and increase pre-orders of its Thanksgiving pies, decreasing its cost per lead by 30%.
  • 40%increase in pie sales
  • 68%increase in leads
  • 30%decrease in cost per lead

Their Story

Classic confectionery

New York-based bakery and café Baked NYC has one location in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan. Though several media outlets have featured many of its popular American-style baked goods, the bakery is especially proud of its Oprah-endorsed brownies.

Their Goal

Growing leads

Baked NYC wanted to broaden its customer base and encourage people to sign up for its email list. It also wanted to encourage people to pre-order its popular Thanksgiving pies.
I can sum up Mobile Studio’s impact with one word: simplicity. We were impressed with how easy it is to put together assets beyond static shots – and just as important, how to give new life to existing assets. Now, we’ve become mini creative directors with tons of ideas. And for businesses, it’s always good to have lots of creative energy.
Matt Lewis, co-owner/co-founder, Baked NYC

Their Solution

Piece of cake

Baked NYC wanted to grow its customer base by encouraging people to sign up for its email list and, for its local fans, place a pre-order for its popular Thanksgiving pies. The store partnered with Facebook’s Creative Shop to develop short videos for its lead advertising campaign to bring its baked goods to life.
Baked NYC and the Creative Shop team’s Mobile Studiobuilt the videos using only a $20 tripod, a $15 clamp lamp, a phone and a variety of apps to create stop-motion videos with animated text overlays. The company discovered that bright close-up product shots of a single cake and videos of cake decorating performed best.
When people clicked pm the “Sign Up” call-to-action button on the lead advert, they first saw a context card that explained exactly what they were signing up for. Next, they saw a form that had been automatically filled in with contact information from their Facebook profiles.
Baked NYC targeted a broad audience of baking fans in the US to generate subscriptions to its email list. Careful to direct the entire campaign to a new audience, the team excluded people who had already liked its Facebook Page. To reach people who were most likely to pre-order a pie, Baked NYC targeted adverts to those living within a one-mile radius of both its locations.

Their Success

Sweet success

Baked NYC’s seasonal campaign, which began on 9 November 2016 and ran until Thanksgiving, helped it reach a local audience, drive qualified people to its website and increase sales of its Thanksgiving pies. It also achieved:
  • 40% increase in pie sales
  • 68% increase in leads
  • 30% decrease in cost per lead