Success Story

Gauging local interest in a new storefront

Boba Guys used local awareness ads and boosted posts to test local interest in a new location and drive foot traffic to existing locations, reaching up to 10,000 people and achieving a 9X return on ad spend.
  • $1cost per new customer acquisition
  • 7,000-10,000people reached
  • 9Xreturn on ad spend

Their Story

From pop-up to milk tea bar

Andrew Chau and Bin Chen started Boba Guys in 2011 as a pop-up shop located inside a ramen restaurant. Now with 2 San Francisco locations, Boba Guys’s mission is to bridge cultures by redefining the boba and tea experience.

Their Goal

Getting more locals in the door

To test local interest in a potential new location and to drive more foot traffic to its current location, Boba Guys needed to target ads to people who lived in close proximity to its brick-and-mortar locations.
Our business is built on community. Facebook harnesses the power of community by enabling word of mouth and providing a way to reach potential and loyal fans in a relevant way.
Andrew Chau, co-founder, Boba Guys

Their Solution

Testing local interest

Before the company even had a storefront, Boba Guys used Facebook to engage and retain new and loyal customers in the conversation around boba and tea and update its audience with news about future pop-up shop locations.
To test interest in a potential new location and drive foot traffic to existing locations, Andrew and Bin ran a local awareness ad campaign on Facebook. Local awareness ads help businesses to find new customers by showing ads to groups of people who are near that business’s neighborhood.

Products used

Their Success

Everything in its place

Following this local awareness campaign, Boba Guys experienced a significant number of clicks from people close to its prospective store location, as well as an increase in foot traffic at its current locations. Andrew and Bin plan to continue using Facebook Ads to grow their customer base.
Results from campaigns that ran during the first half of 2015 include:
  • $1 cost per new customer acquisition (local awareness ads)
  • 9X return on ad spend (local awareness ads)
  • 7,000–10,000 people reached (boosted posts)
  • 103 clicks at $0.20 cost per click (local awareness ads)