Success Story

Extending a local customer base

This Chicago lash and hair extension salon used Facebook Offers to increase overall sales by 50% in just 7 months.
  • 50%increase in overall sales in 7 months
  • 2Xmore daily appointment bookings
  • 3Xmore lash refills per day
  • $0.45per website click from Facebook Ads

Their Story

Big lashes, affordable prices

Chicago Lashes specializes in hair and eyelash extensions for women. One of the very first salons in Chicago to offer high-end lashes at affordable prices, Chicago Lashes was started in 2009 by professional makeup artist Jennifer San Juan and business partner Frank Moore.

Their Goal

Bringing full lashes to the masses

Frank and Jennifer’s goal was to attract more business for the salon, get new customers in the door and encouraging existing customers to come back for a lash refill every 3–4 weeks.
Before I ran a Facebook offer ad campaign, we had maybe 3–4 appointments per week. After we ran the offer ad, we booked 34 appointments in one day.
Frank Moore, co-owner, Chicago Lashes

Their Solution

Zeroing in on target

To reach local Chicago women interested in beauty and makeup, Frank ran offer ads. These ads allowed him to connect with more potential customers and entice them to call the salon to redeem the exclusive offer. For the offer ads:
  1. Frank uploaded an offer for the “Bombshell Look Lash” package—marked down from $300 to $99. The ad linked to the company website and encouraged people to call the salon to book an appointment.
  2. He ran the campaign from October 5–November 3, 2014, since customers had previously been interested in a more dramatic eye makeup look during the Halloween season.
  3. Frank used Facebook’s easy interface to select a 20-mile radius around his business location. Then, using the drop-down menu, he chose to target women 24–55 years old.
  4. He narrowed the scope of his target even more to focus on women interested in beauty, makeup, spa, Kim Kardashian and Oprah Winfrey.

Their Success

Attracting beauty-conscious locals

Chicago Lashes now relies on monthly Facebook ad campaigns to stay top-of-mind with current customers and to reach out to a broader audience than was possible before. Thanks to Facebook Ads, the salon has achieved:
  • 50% increase in overall sales in 7 months
  • 2X more daily appointment bookings
  • 3X more lash refills per day
  • $0.45 per website click from Facebook Ads
I’m being conservative in saying that Facebook has doubled our customers. We’ve tried other online marketing tools, but never get anywhere near the same results.
Frank Moore, co-owner, Chicago Lashes