The meditation studio tested conversion-optimized ads to encourage people to sign up for its free trial class, resulting in 5X more memberships compared to click-optimized ads.

5Xmore memberships from conversion-optimized ads

2.6Xmore leads from conversion-optimized ads


A mindful studio

Located in the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona, Current Meditation is a meditation studio that aims to make mindfulness accessible to everyone. The studio’s meditation classes are led by expert guides who foster a supportive community atmosphere.


Meditating for conversions

The Current Meditation team wanted more people to sign up for a free trial class on its website. Simultaneously, the team wanted to test and determine whether to optimize for website traffic or conversions.


Clicks versus conversions

To test the efficacy of conversion-optimized ads, compared to the website traffic-optimized ads that it was already using, the Current Meditation team created 2 identical campaigns.

The first campaign was optimized for clicks to the studio’s website, which ensured the ad is delivered to the people most likely to click through to the site. The second campaign was optimized for conversions, which ensured the ad was shown to the people who are most likely to take a specified action; in this case, Current Meditation wanted people to register for a free guided meditation class.

The campaigns used identical ads that featured a single image of the studio’s popular aerial meditation class, while ad copy promoted its free class deal. Current Meditation targeted the ads to people aged 25–60, living within a 10-mile radius of the studio, and who are interested in technology, traveling, mindfulness and health and well-being.

The team also created and targeted a Custom Audience of people who had viewed a content page on the Current Meditation website within the last 180 days.


Growing a calm community

Current Meditation’s 3-week campaign, which ran from April 7–30, 2017, proved the efficacy of conversion-optimized ads and successfully got more people to try out guided meditation. The campaign also delivered:

  • 5X more memberships from conversion-optimized ads compared to traffic-optimized ads
  • 2.6X more leads from conversion-optimized ads compared to traffic-optimized ads

“We have seen significant traffic come from advertising on Facebook, after testing and finding the right formula—optimizing for conversions. The increase in guest volume has allowed us to prove out our model within a brand new industry.

Ross Weisman

CEO, Current Meditation

Products Used

Facebook Pixel

Measure activity and conversions for your ads.

Custom Audiences

Reach your customers and contacts on Facebook.

“We have been testing out a multitude of ad objectives to find what works best for Current Meditation, and conversion ads have driven the best return on ad spend. By tracking each custom campaign through a unique URL, we learned that more people were converting from those specific advertising objectives.

Lauren Etter

Director of Client Services, Local Search Masters