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Brand Awareness Ads

Used to generate visibility and credibility with your target audience.    

Lead Ads 

Used to collect interested prospect information so your sales team can follow up. 

Messenger Ads

Used to generate conversations inside of Facebook.   One of the best ways to make sales online!

Promotional Ads

Used to get your promotions in front of your target audience. From events to special promotions.  

Product Ads

Used to promote specific products/services.   Sell either directly on Facebook or send traffic to a sales page

Offer Claims 

Used specifically when you want to run a special offer and get your target audience to redeem. 

Grow your business on demand with an experienced Facebook Advertising Agency

Our team has over a decade of experience running EFFECTIVE Facebook advertising strategies

  • Audience Research
  • Advertising Copy and Media Creation 
  • Conversion Tracking 

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Digital Marketing Ninja

Don't let the grey beard fool you ... this guy is a Facebook Advertising Ninja   🥷.    

Jesse has been in the Digital Marketing space for over a decade and is a complete NERD when it comes to getting results from Facebook and Instagram ads.   

He is the founder of Digital Squad --- and he speaks online traffic as his native language.   

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