What Are Facebook Local Awareness Ads?

Local awareness ads allow businesses to target prospects by where they are physically located.   You have the ability to target people that are within a specific distance from your geographical location.

How Businesses Use Loca Awareness Ads:

Increase Brand Awareness – run your ads continuously so your target market always sees your brand.

Encourage Your Prospects to  Visit Your Location (s)– run promotions to get foot traffic into your establishment.

Get The Right Foot Traffic Into Your Location (s) – you can also run targeted ads by demographics, interests, and behaviors.   This allows you to really dial in your advertising campaigns to only serve ads to a specific group of people (i.e. your IDEAL customer(s).

Spread The Word About Local Running Promotions – With local awareness ads, it’s very easy to run targeted ads promoting a specific product or service.

What Do Local Awareness Ads Look Like?

We have a full case study from the restaurant “Ruby Tuesdays” that you can read up on (click here).

Below are sample ads from a few of their campaigns:

As you can see, they are very intentional in their targeting.    The images used are really powerful  – especially if these ads are running right before a lunch hour (or dinner hour).

The big point to make here is that they are ONLY targeting people that are within 3 miles of their location.

Are Local  Awareness Ads A Fit For My Business?

If your business has a physical location (or you serve a specific geographical location) – then YES, they are a fit.  Think of Local Awareness Ads as a targeted BillBoard that you can run on demand.   You will get massive exposure if you run Local Awareness Ads properly!

Read the full case study on Ruby Tuesday’s Local Awareness Campaigns – Click Here

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