Overview of Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have been collecting data on its users since it’s inception.   They know it’s users demographics, behaviors and interests.   As creepy as that sounds, it provides the best possible advertising platform currently available.

Why is that?   One word:  TARGETING.  

Facebook and Instagram now allow businesses to use its data it has on its users to deliver laser targeted advertisements.    This provides an EXCELLENT opportunity for businesses to SPECIFICALLY SELECT who they want to advertise to based on geography, demographics, behaviors, and interests.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising is a good fit for businesses who:

  • Have a specific target audience that can be targeted by geography, demographics, behaviors, or interest.
  • Have a compelling offer to make their target audience.
  • Have been using social media in the past.
  • Have a clear and converting sales process to either convert leads now or put them into a longer-term nurturing campaign.
  • You understand the value of social media exposure.
  • You want laser targeted leads.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising IS NOT a good fit for businesses who: