Facebook Website Visitor Retargeting Program

What it is: 

Statistically speaking, less than 2% of your website visitors take action when visiting your website.   That does not mean they are not interested in what you have to offer – it just means they are not yet ready (or comfortable) to take action.   We keep your business in front of these people by placing advertisements in front of your website visitors BASED ENTIRELY ON THE PAGES THEY VISIT!

Top 4 Benefits of Retargeting Your Website Visitors on Facebook:

  1. Keeps your business in front of people that have expressed interest in what your business offers.
  2. Ability to show advertisements based on the actual pages people visit (segmentation).
  3. Creating a distribution list that you can sell other products and services to.
  4. Ability to quickly turn on (or off) the advertisements to suit your needs (no long term commitment).