7 Fatal Mistakes that KILL Businesses – Part 7 – Lack of Content

Gary V. stated it perfectly – every business is a media company and every person is a media outlet.   Businesses that get this understand how valuable content is for their business.
Think about it – most people are on Facebook – and most people have the ability to share content with their friends.
It makes sense for businesses to have a content strategy in place that can be shared or can better position your product or service (or bring down the barriers to purchase from you).

Types of content every business should have:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • General Information about your company
  • Why people should work with your company over your competition.
  • Information about the people in your business
  • Information about the products in your business
  • Information about the process in your business
  • Information on the BENEFITS of your business’ products/services.
  • Your company’s “why”

Jesse Erickson

About the author

🔥.  I have an intense passion for helping businesses improve how they market, sell and fulfill their products and services.    My goal with every business I work with is to build predictable revenue each month so that they can focus on what they do best = serve their customers!