Success Story

Aligning more leads

The dental support organization applied what it had learned from past advertising to run a highly targeted link ad campaign, resulting in a 4.6X increase in leads.
  • 4.6Xincrease in leads
  • 56%decrease in cost per lead

Their Story

Supporting smiles at the office

Heartland Dental is a dental support organization that provides non-clinical services to more than 740 dental offices in 34 states in the US. Its Clear Smiles Week is a quarterly non-branded campaign that promotes Invisalign® therapy services at its supported dental offices.

Their Goal

Promoting supportive services

Heartland Dental wanted to encourage people interested in Invisalign® therapy—an alternative to traditional metal braces—to learn more about it and eventually reach out to one of its supported dental clinics.
For the Clear Smiles Week campaign, we were excited to help our supported dentists and team members provide life-changing orthodontic care to so many people. Facebook ads played an important role in creating more leads and ultimately more appointments. It’s been exciting to gain an effective means to generate positive results for supported offices.
Tara Nuxoll, Internal Marketing Representative, Heartland Dental

Their Solution

Testing to optimize

With its Clear Smiles Week fast approaching, Heartland Dental decided to try Facebook ads for the quarterly promotion. The company partnered with digital marketing agency Local Search Masters to launch a direct response campaign.
Heartland Dental used link ads to reach people most likely interested in Invisalign® therapy. It applied what it learned from its previous campaign, focusing ad creative on product shots, which had outperformed lifestyle-focused images. It also used a “Learn More” call-to-action button—directing people to a landing page—that had previously performed better than “Contact Us.”

Their Success

A clear success

Heartland Dental’s May–June 2016 Clear Smiles campaign surpassed its achievements on other marketing platforms and also achieved:
  • 4.6X increase in leads
  • 56% decrease in cost per lead
By using Facebook Custom Audiences, we reached an audience that Heartland Dental’s previous marketing platforms couldn’t. Our first campaign proved that Facebook advertising worked. However, it was our second campaign that proved Facebook was a force to be reckoned with, when we saw a 4.6X increase in the number of leads it produced.
Leah Harrington, Director of Product Services, Local Search Masters