Never miss a sales opportunity again 

Fully Managed live lead nurturing Service

Increase Revenue by Responding and Nurturing EVERY Lead into booked appointments...

After a decade running a Digital Marketing Agency, we have concluded that lead generation simply isn't enough for most businesses.    

We figured out that most businesses are just not adequately trained to turn leads into sales... so we created a system that turns LEADS into SALES OPPORTUNITIES for our clients. 

We use TRAINED appointment bookers to follow up and nurture your leads = so you don't have to. 

Nurture Leads and Customers into Sales - EVERY MONTH

  • Improve Lead Follow Up Time
    Leads that don't receive a follow up  in 5 minutes go cold 
  • Follow Up More Often
    If you don't follow up at least 4 times, you will miss out on 80% of sales opportunities
  • Grow a THRIVING Customer Database                                          
    Build your customer database so you can make offers to to them each month.   Your customer database SHOULD BE your #1 profit center
  • Re-Activate a Cold Database   
    Haven't communicated with your database in a while?  No problem!  We will help you re-activate them so they will never forget you again (and keep buying from you each month).

Leads are NOT the same as Sales Opportunities   

How Saleschat's Live Lead Nurtuing will Bring You More Sales Opportunities 

You will have a dedicated team of Live Appointment bookers to nurture your leads into real sales opportunities.

Our live appointment booking specialist are on standby waiting for new leads to come in.

Once a lead comes in - they do the heavy lifting for you!   They will follow up and nurture your leads into booked appointments.

Leads are being missed. Your lost opportunities are costing you money! 

Your Live Lead Nurturing Specialist will make sure you never miss a lead and stop losing money in missed opportunities 

Response to Every Lead

With the human rollover services, the virtual team will respond to every message from every lead that comes in.

All leads will be managed with a goal of getting them scheduled for an appointment, whether phone, virtual or in-person.

More Booked Appointments

Most small businesses need help responding to their leads, now that we have that covered, it's time to focus on setting appointments.

Whether a phone or in-person appointment, using the FAQ templates as a conversation guide and answers to the questions your leads will ask, our Live Nurture team will be able to get you more booked appointments.

FAQ Templates

Control the details of your messaging with FAQs.

Customize your FAQs for each appointment type to ensure the right information is delivered every time.

The FAQ templates are quick to use with a simple click to copy and paste the right answers to messages in real-time.

Here is what you get:

  • Real-time lead nurturing from trained appointment bookers
  • Our lead nurturing specialists will monitor leads coming in from Facebook, Instagram, Google business page and your website from 8am-11pm SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.    
  • Lead monitoring and nurturing 15 Hours Per Day, 105 Hours per week, 420 hours per month 
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Unlimited Lead Nurturing
  • Unlimited Conversations
  • Unlimited Appointments Setting

$1000 Per Month (works out to be $2.30/hr)

Nurture Prospects and Customers before Your Competitors Steal Them