So you want more from your social media marketing… good news – we are 100% confident that if you follow the tips below, you WILL start generating leads for your business.   Why are we that confident?   Simple: There is no better platform on the earth that allows you to better target your ideal prospects – the ones that want and can afford your product and/or services.

Before we get started, lets review 3 critical mindset shifts you may need in order to succeed with social media advertising:

Mindset tip #1:  Your not posting content on social media just to post and get likes… your mindset is to CONNECT with your ideal prospects and keeping your brand fresh in their minds.

Mindset Tip #2: For the purpose of this post, we will not be speaking about posting content on your business page.   We will be talking about putting advertisements and offers in front of your ideal prospects so they eventually buy from you (yes, these are two totally different strategies).

Mindset Tip #3: – “Bring the Flowers”.   Social Media Advertising is unique and somewhat “disruptive” – meaning, people don’t go on sites like Facebook to purchase (yet they purchase A LOT from on Facebook).  In order to get people to take action on your Facebook Ad, you must have a compelling offer to get them to leave their “social” mindset.  “Bring the flowers” is another way of saying – your offer must be enticing enough to get your prospect to leave their current environment and check out what your offer is about.

Now that we have our mindset right, let’s dive in…

10 Tips  to plug your business into Social Media for profit

Tip 1:  You will need to setup a paid advertising account inside of Facebook.  Facebook is free for its users; however, you will need to spend money to make money on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.  You will need to familiarize yourself with the advertising platforms themselves- as well as their policies (you don’t want to get kicked off of these sites for doing something silly).   Click here for Facebook’s Business Manager- where you can setup your advertising account. 

Tip 2: Know WHO your target prospect really is.  Know their demographic, know their behaviors and know their interests.   The more you know and understand, the better you will be able to leverage the Intelligent Targeting feature sites like Facebook allow you to use.

Tip 3: Create at least one “Jaw Dropping Offer” for your business.  You will need a special offer that will get people to take action (i.e. leave their comfy Facebook newsfeed)…  It can be as simple as a “buy one get one free” or a special trial of your product or service.   Whatever yo decide to offer, understand that you are doing much more than making one sale – you are building future distribution and will be leveraging this offer to create additional customers for your business.

Tip 4:  When setting up your advertisements on Facebook – send traffic to a dedicated landing page to collect the offer.  On the landing page, collect their name, email, AND phone numbers.  This allows you to build a multi-channel distribution list for future marketing (i.e. email marketing, text message marketing AND Voice drops).

Tip 5: Facebook allows you to use various ad formats – test ALL of them.   Lead ads, messenger ads, carousel ads and single ads ALL have their place.  It’s best to test them all to see which ones work best.

Tip 6:  Run your ads for a minimum of 3 days and let the DATA tell you if your ads are successful or not… give Facebook’s algorithm a few days to search out and find your target audience.

Tip 7:  During the 3-day ad testing period, spend no more than $10 per day.   Don’t waste ad spend while Facebook’s algorithm is figuring out your audience.

Tip 8:  When evaluating an ad for performance, look at the click through rate to determine if your ad is powerful enough to be effective.   Your ad click through rate should be 2% or higher (it can be slightly lower in some cases).   2% is a good benchmark.

Tip 9:  Instagram is owned by Facebook – you have the ability to show ads on both platforms INSIDE of Facebook’s ad platform.

Tip 10:  Setup conversion Pixels on your landing pages and website – this will allow you to show targeted ads to people that visit specific pages of your landing pages and website.