Success Story

Strengthening business with carousel ads

The online nutrition coaching and certification company tracked newsletter signups with Facebook’s conversion pixel and raised brand awareness with its targeted fitness and nutrition-themed carousel ads.
  • 6,000new newsletter signups
  • 50%lower cost per lead than standard link ads
  • 50%higher click-through rate than standard link ads

Their Story

Coaching, mentorship and support

Precision Nutrition is the world’s largest online nutrition coaching company. Since 2006, its multidisciplinary team of counselors, doctors, exercise specialists and nutritionists has helped over 300,000 people in nearly 100 countries through its coaching and certification programs.

Their Goal

Build awareness with a new audience

Precision Nutrition wanted to increase brand awareness by promoting high-quality content and resources on workout nutrition. It planned to measure its campaign success by the number of email opt-ins to its newsletter, as well as the number of content downloads.
Carousel ads allowed us to showcase several images and links to related content in one ad. With a 50% higher click-through rate than standard link ads and 50% lower cost per new lead, this campaign was clearly a success.
Kate Kline, Social Media Director, Precision Nutrition

Their Solution

Tracking carousel conversions

Precision Nutrition needed an ad format that would effectively promote its articles, infographics and other downloadable content and raise brand awareness with a new audience. Social media director Kate Kline created a carousel ad with 3 fitness-inspired images. The ad linked to a Precision Nutrition blog post, printable infographic and downloadable guide that debunked common nutrition myths and gave recommendations on workout nutrition.
Precision Nutrition added a call to action on these website resources that encouraged people to sign up for its newsletter. Using Facebook’s conversion tracking pixel, the coaching company was able to measure how many people clicked through from the carousel ad on Facebook and opted in to receive additional updates.

Their Success

Fit results

Precision Nutrition’s campaign resulted in a whopping 6,000 new newsletter signups, at a lower cost per click and higher click-through rate than its standard link ads. The company is pumped by this success and will continue to use Facebook to reach a wider audience with greater impact.
As a result of the campaign that ran from March 6–July 6, 2015, it achieved:

Keys to Success

Use high quality images

Photos of your products or services, lifestyle images, behind-the-scenes looks or customers using your products draw more attention and help your message stand out in News Feed.

Track your return on ad spend

Use conversion tracking to monitor actions people take after clicking your ads, such as making a product purchase or signing up for a newsletter. For best results, optimize your ad bid for more conversions.
This was my first experiment with carousel ads and I was blown away by the results. This format allowed us to showcase several images and links to related content in one ad. And Facebook’s Custom Audiences pixels and interests targeting allowed us to get that content in front of the right people.
Kate Kline, Social Media Director, Precision Nutrition