Our current Social Media Service offers Targeted Direct Response Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.   This is NOT social media content posting!  We have one goal with our Social Media Advertising service: Lead Generation and Conversion.

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Our social media advertising service includes the following:

  • Setting up your business for advertising on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Creating the ideal customer profile for your business (known as a customer avatar).
  • Finding your ideal customer on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube (creating your target audience).
  • Creating an attractive offer to attract your ideal customer to your business.
  • Creating the necessary advertising copy to attract your ideal customer.
  • Creating the necessary sales funnel to convert your ideal customer into a prospect.
  • Creating the necessary follow up sequence to get your ideal customer into your business (this includes email marketing, text message marketing, and voice drops).

This service is ideal for:

  • Businesses that have a defined audience they want to attract.
  • Businesses that are able to create an offer to attract their ideal customer into their sales process.
  • Have a clearly defined and executable sales process.
  • Have the ability to upsell & cross sell other services.
  • Understand the lifetime value of a customer and intent to market to the customers generated from our advertising campaigns.
  • Are able to spend money on advertising to attract the right customers.

This service is not a fit if:

  • Your business has no clear customer profile (target audience).
  • Your business is not willing to create an attractive offer.
  • Your business has no sales process and has difficulty converting leads.
  • Your business does not see the value of advertising.