Sales Funnels 

What is a Sales Funnel and when should you use one?

The sole purpose of a sales funnel is to sell products or services.   It should be used with an advertising campaign when the intention is to sell directly form the advertisement (Direct Response Sales).  

There is a HUGE difference in sending traffic to your website -vs- sending traffic to a dedicated landing page -vs- sending traffic to a dedicated sales funnel! 


  • Send traffic to your website when you want to educate & capture leads.
  • DO NOT Send paid advertising to your website unless your goal is to EDUCATE.  

Landing Page 

  • A landing page is designed specifically to capture leads 
  • Typically it is used inside of your main website
  • Use a landing page to collect leads along that you plan on nurturing with further marketing (i.e. an educational email sequence).  

Sales  Funnel 

  • A sales funnel is used to sell product or services - usually in conjunction with a Direct Response Advertising Campaign. 
  • Use a sales funnel when your intention is to sell something directly from your advertising.
  • A sales funnel is most powerful when used with up-sells, down-sells and cross-sells. 
  •  A properly executed sales funnel will increase the average order value and help you sell more!