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The Digital Squad’s Marketing Systems

We use a very specific marketing system that focuses on FIVE Key areas to deliver new business to our clients. 

Our Areas of Expertise

 Online Reputation 

  • 93% of consumers are looking for online reviews before making a purchasing decision.
  • 73% of Consumers trust a local business more when they have CURRENT reviews 3 months old or less. 

Having a system to generate FRESH new reviews delivered to sites like Google & Facebook is absolutely critical to a local brick and mortar business.   We have an affordable solution to generate online reviews on autopilot!


Digital Traffic Systems  

Reach marketing is the traffic strategy you will use to get in front of your target audience. We follow one simple philosophy when it comes to Reach Marketing: “More People Must Know About Your Business TODAY than YESTERDAY”!

Types of reach marketing campaigns we create and manage:

Facebook Advertising:  Leverage the most powerful advertising platform ever created to grow your business.   We have a variety of ways we can help your business leverage Facebook for lead generation and conversion.

 Instagram Advertising:  Get in front of your target audience on Instagram.

YouTube Advertising:  Get your videos in front of your target audience – or use YouTube Remarketing.

Google Advertising:  Leverage Google’s powerful Search Engines to attract and convert prospects into new business.

Automated Follow Up Sequences:  We create and manage follow up sequences that will nurture the people that have expressed interest in your product/service but may not have initially purchased.



Retargeting has become one of the most important things you can do in your marketing.   When someone visits your website – statistically speaking,  less than 2% will actually take action.   Retargeting helps fix this problem.

We set up advertisements that will target people that visit specific pages on your website so that we can bring them back to your business ready to buy.

This helps our clients stay top of mind to the people that have already expressed interest in their products and services!

Re-selling To Existing Customers

The lowest hanging fruit in terms of selling is to sell to people that have already purchased from you.   We create systems for doing just that.

Types of Resell Systems:

  • Upsells/Cross-Selling at the point of purchase (i.e. “Would you like fries with that”)?
  • VIP & Special Deal Clubs
  • Birthday and Anniversary Clubs
  • Monthly Newsletters and Announcements

Content Creation and Distribution 

Your target prospects will need to be “touched” several times before they will convert.   Follow your prospects online with strategic content as they enter different phases of your sales process.    Developing and distributing TOP SHELP content will keep your brand fresh with your prospects and make you the obvious choice when it’s time to purchase.