Social Media Advertising for Businesses

Connect with Your Ideal Customers Through Social Advertising! 

5 Benefits of Social Media Advertising

1.  The Ability To Target Your IDEAL Prospects

By leveraging the advertising platforms on Social Media, you are able to tap into the vast amount of data they have been collecting on their users.   

This allows Businesses to connect with their IDEAL prospects based on:

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Behaviors 
  • Interests
  • Location

2.  The Ability To Make Offers Quickly To Your Target Audience

Your business will grow proportional to the amount of (quality) offers you make to the right audience.   Social media advertising allows a business to make offers QUICKLY to their target audience. 

Additionally, businesses can easily track the success of each offer.   This allows a business to make an educated decision on whats working based on METRICS and not "gut reactions".   This is a tremendous game changer in the advertising world! 

3.  Improved Brand Recognition

Businesses can easily stay in front of their target audience - whether it's from an offer ---> or a simple piece of content.    By staying top of mind to your ideal customers = you create brand recognition.     

Increasing the visibility of your business will better help build your brand trust.    

Brand Recognition Formula: 

Visibility + Credibility = Profitability

4.  Reduced Marketing Costs

Social Media Advertising helps you reduce your marketing costs two ways: 

  • Targeting.  You are only advertising to the prospects that are the BEST fit for your business.   You eliminate advertising "WASTE" by focusing only on the target audience you select
  • Performance. You have the ability to turn advertisements "On" or "Off" based on how they perform.   Unlike other advertising channels, you ARE NOT locked into a long term contract.  You can turn an advertisement on or off just like a faucet.   

5.  Scalability  

Because you control which advertisements you want to continue to show to your audience (based on actual metrics) - you can control which ads you want to invest more in (or completely eliminate).    

We follow a very specific system that allows us to monitor your ads DAILY - which benefits you because you can make a business decision which ads you want to increase visibility on --> or which ones you want to eliminate.    

What Our Social Media Advertising Clients are Saying:

"We have tried other online marketing companies to help us generate leads online - but none of them compare with what Jesse & the Digital Squad has done.

 They take the time to understand and learn about your business and design a system that is optimized to your business's strengths. 

We are very pleased with the results! I never thought Facebook Advertising would generate as much business as it has --- but it definitely works. I recommend this company without reservation."

Bruce Fluencyo - CEO, a Fortune 1000 company (company name removed for privacy)

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"I am the Director of Sales for OnlyMoso USA. We have now been utilizing The DIgital Squad for over a year with amazing results. I really cannot say enough great things about the response time, professionalism and overall quality of Jesse and his team.

My situation is unique as I came into OnlyMoso with very little experience with digital marketing and inherited a program that was constantly switching companies because we were going with low price rather than quality.

Jesse and his team have always given us several options which we could cater to our budget as he patiently explained what each tier of the plan him and his team put together. I would highly recommend The DIgital Squad for any of your internet marketing needs and potential campaigns!"

- Chris Kaiser- Director of Sales - OnlyMoso USA 

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