Success Story

A lead generation makeover

The national medical spa promoted its services by offering people free-of-charge consultations via mobile, without leaving Facebook, successfully increasing new leads whilst maintaining a low cost per acquisition.
  • nearly 2xincrease in leads compared to previous link advertising campaigns
  • 66%lower cost per acquisition compared to previous link advertising campaigns

Their Story

Look good, feel good, safely

Sona MedSpa is the largest full-service aesthetics company in the US, helping clients look and feel their best with medical spa services, including laser hair removal, fat reduction, skin rejuvenation, Botox and body contouring. Services take place in a safe and comfortable spa environment, with oversight by a medical professional.

Their Goal

Enhancing qualified leads

Sona Medspa wanted to generate qualified leads for its services and convert more people into clients in a cost-effective way.
Mobile continues to be an important part of our overall strategy, and anything we can do to simplify a customer’s experience on mobile is a huge benefit. Lead generation from Facebook has far exceeded our expectations.
Rene Fielder, Marketing Director, Sona MedSpa

Their Solution

Contacts for consultations

Sona MedSpa used a series of Lead adverts on mobile to reach men and women in 7 US markets around its locations with information about its different spa services.The Lead adverts offered special promotions and free-of-charge consultations, with ‘Learn More’ call-to-action buttons. When prospective customers clicked on these, they landed on a contact form pre-populated with information based on what they shared with Facebook, making it quick and easy to submit.

Their Success

Revitalising results

Sona MedSpa’s lead advertising campaign succeeded in reaching potential customers and generating a higher return on advert spend than the company’s previous campaigns. Between August and October 2015, it achieved:
  • a nearly 2x increase in leads compared to previous link advertising campaigns;
  • a 66% lower cost per acquisition compared to previous link advertising campaigns.