Success Story

Getting más for less

Anticipating a seasonal dip in summer TV viewership, the fast food giant— used video ads alongside its TV ads to scale product awareness.
  • 17% increase in ad recall
  • 8% increase in product awareness
  • 80% decrease in cost per view

Their Story

Live. Love. Tacos.

Launched in 1962, Taco Bell is the leader in the Mexican-inspired quick-serve restaurant space, with nearly 7,000 restaurants across the US. It was the first major fast-food brand to offer a 3-tier value menu and free drink refills.

Their Goal

Building product awareness

Taco Bell wanted to supplement its TV ads with a Facebook video campaign that would boost product awareness and purchase intent during the summer when TV viewership tends to slow.
We used Facebook ads to ensure maximum reach cost-effectively, while delivering measurable results that helped grow our brand over the summer of 2015. We successfully engaged with new and existing audiences while building our brand to new heights.
Juliet Corsinita, VP, Media and Sponsorships, Taco Bell Corp.

Their Solution

Serving the right audience

Taco Bell chose Facebook video ads to help drive product awareness.  The team delivered these ads to both broad and specific demographic groups using Facebook’s core targeting tools.
They used measured campaign efficiencies through target rating point (TRP) tracking to ensure it was reaching the right audience. It used creative sequencing to cross-promote the Taco Bell TV spot on Facebook, and Facebook’s reach and frequency tool to guarantee visibility.

Their Success

Taco the town

Taco Bell’s Facebook campaign delivered digital-exclusive videos that effectively built product awareness during the summer months, while tried-and-true auction strategies reduced its ad spend.
Between June–August 2015, the company’s Facebook video ads successfully produced:
  • 17% increase in ad recall
  • 8% increase in product awareness
  • 80% decrease in cost per view
  • 4% increase in purchase intent