All marketing and advertising campaigns SHOULD start with identifying who your ideal customer is.

Technology has changed and sites like Facebook have incredible targeting capabilities.

You can target your customers by:

  • Demographics –  Reach people based on their age, gender, education, income, upcoming life events, etc…
  • Geographics – Reach people by location (where they physically are and where they are traveling through).
  • Interests – Reach people by what they have expressed interest in (the websites they visit, the pages they like and other very specific interests).  
  • Behaviors – Reach people by their past behaviors (i.e. purchase behaviors).
  • Email Lists – Target people that have given you their email address.
  • Retargeting – Target people that have visited your website (or specific pages of your website).

Knowing the technological capabilities of targeting is EXTREMELY important.  If you can dial in who your ideal customer is by understanding targeting, you will be soooo much better off in your marketing and advertising.

You will save a TON of money as well – no more wasted ad spend (only the people you want will see your marketing and advertising).


The Right Targeting+ The Right Traffic = Convert Your Best Prospects 


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