The majority of the businesses I consult with don't realize they have a follow-up problem.

"These leads suck" is what I usually hear... When I dig deeper -- I find that it's not the leads that suck ... it's the follow-up that does.

You're follow up is costing you money if: 

👉 1. You're not following up with leads/inquiries within 3-5 minutes

👉 2. You're not following up at least 5 times (80% of sales come after the 5th contact).

👉 3. You're not following up with your customer database AT LEAST once per month.

If your business is struggling with follow-up... we should talk.

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Jesse Erickson

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🔥.  I have an intense passion for helping businesses improve how they market, sell and fulfill their products and services.    My goal with every business I work with is to build predictable revenue each month so that they can focus on what they do best = serve their customers!