Yelp Advertising

We are pleased to announce our recent partnership with Yelp!   We are able to use Yelp's platform to help our clients drive more traffic and convert more business.   

Why Advertise on    There are several - but the one BIG reason we endorse Yelp and their advertising platform is because the people that search on Yelp are generally the furthest along in their purchasing decision.   Simply put: Yelp visitors are ready to purchase so it makes sense to be in front of these customers!

Important Yelp Metrics that businesses should know: 

● Yelp reaches 100 MM monthly unique visitors

● 80% of total unique visitors to Yelp come from mobile

● 74% of consumers searching online for a local business turn to a review site

● 79% of Yelp users who make a purchase at a business they found on Yelp do so within a

● Yelp users are searching the platform for all types of businesses - not just restaurants -
including home, professional, automotive, and health service providers
Consumers trust Yelp

● 79% of Yelp users are looking for a business they can visit multiple times

● 85% of Yelp users share the businesses they find on Yelp with friends
Yelp’s reach extends across desktop, mobile, and beyond

● 80% of searches on Yelp are done on a mobile device

● Yelp partners with Apple, Alexa, Microsoft, and others to reach consumers outside the
Yelp platform

Yelp Products for Local Businesses:

1.  Enhanced Profiles

First impressions matter. When consumers land on a Yelp Business Page, they are evaluating that business and looking to make a decision. An Enhanced Profile helps your clients impress these consumers; with this upgrade, clients can use their business pages to tell a compelling story, give consumers an opportunity to take action, and provide a consistent experience.

There are several benefits of Yelp’s Enhanced Profile:

  1. Photo Slideshow: The capability to determine the order of a business page’s photos.
  2. Adding a Video: By adding a video to your clients’ business pages, you allow consumers to hear directly from your clients, learn about their origin story, see a visual representation of their work, or hear a customer testimonial. Please note: Posted videos can be up to 90 seconds long; Yelp does not produce video content.
  3. Restrict Competitors’ Ads: Eliminate distractions from your clients’ Yelp Business Pages by removing competitors’ ads from their pages.  
  4. Call to Action Button: Include a direct link to your clients’ preferred landing page. Whether they’re offering consumers a discount, an option to book an appointment, or the chance to make a reservation, your clients can give consumers an easy way to take an action.  

Ultimately, the goal of the Enhanced Profile is to convert consumers into customers in the direction of your clients' businesses.  

Business Highlights

Capture attention faster with badges that showcase the traits and offerings consumers value when searching on Yelp for a nearby business. Business Highlights offer an additional way to tell your clients' story and help them stand out from their competition.

Whether your clients' local business is family-owned, open 24/7, or accepting walk-ins, there are over 30 highlights (including 3 exclusive pairs) you can choose from that will visually and quickly convey their best features.

You can choose up to 6 highlights to feature on your clients' business page, 2 of which you can select to appear in their search result listing as well.


2.  Cost Per Click Targeted Ads

Reach consumers when they are ready to take action with CPC advertising.


  1. Drive leads with consumers who are actively searching and intending to make a purchase
  2. Help your clients stand out among their competitors
  3. Your clients only pay when their ads are clicked

Where do Yelp Ads are Show?

Yelp Ads appear in a variety of places including on search result pages and on competitor pages on Yelp’s web and mobile platforms.

Search Ads

When Yelp users conduct a search, select ads are displayed above organic results, giving your clients’ businesses the opportunity to stand out from their competitors.

Run Advertisements on Your Competitors Yelp Pages!

Your  ads can also be featured on your competitors’ Yelp Business Pages.

Run Ads When Someone Request a Quote from a Competitor!

If you are a current Yelp Ads advertiser and has the Request a Quote feature enabled on your Yelp Business Page, your ads can also appear when a Yelp user requests a quote from a similar local business. 

WHO's Viewing Yelp Ads

US Demographics of Yelp Users

WHAT is Featured in a Yelp Ad

Yelp runs a variety of ads, including “review” ads that highlight positive reviews and “specialties” ads that highlight your custom content from your business pages.

  • For “review” ads, Yelp will take a snippet from a 4 or 5 star review on your client’s Yelp Business Page and run that.
  • For “specialties” ads, Yelp will take up to the first 200 characters from the “Specialties” section of your client’s Yelp Business Page for their ad.

For businesses with less than 10 locations, you can also customize your clients’ ads by choosing a photo and either selecting a review or providing custom text that will be featured in their ads. Click here for more information on custom ads.

WHEN Yelp Ads are Shown

Ads are shown based on relevance, which includes a number of factors such as:

  1. What the Yelp user is searching for
  2. The business category that matches your client’s specific business, as well as similar categories that Yelp’s ad delivery system has identified as relevant
  3. Your client’s business location
  4. User location
  5. What the reviews say

So when a consumer is searching for a product or service on Yelp, Yelp aims to deliver ads that relate to what they are looking for.

Negative Keyword Targeting

We can further customize your  campaigns so that  ads only appear in searches that matter most to them.

Whether certain search terms are leading the wrong customers to your page or you simply want to prioritize some offerings over others, you can now block ads from appearing under search phrases that you select. Increase your clients' ad effectiveness and eliminate campaign inefficiencies by leveraging Negative Keyword Targeting.

HOW Yelp Ads are Priced

The price you pays per click is based on competition and relevance, but you always pay the least amount needed to win the click.

We aim to maximize the number of clicks your client gets for the allocated budget over the course of the month. You should expect Yelp to fulfill as close to 100% of their monthly budget as we can, but competitive demands sometimes make it difficult to fulfill the full budget.