Success Story

Property ads that run themselves

The San Francisco real estate agency used Ringtrail’s ad automation solution to run highly targeted property ads on Facebook and Instagram, resulting in a 76% lower cost per lead.
  • 76%lower cost per lead
  • 12Xfaster campaign setup time

Their Story

Homes for Bay Area people

Zephyr Real Estate turns savvy Bay Area residents into successful homeowners, investors and sellers. It employs over 300 full-time real estate agents, all of whom are committed to delivering optimum results to each client.

Their Goal

Greater property exposure

Zephyr Real Estate wanted to scale up its marketing efforts by making it easier and faster for agents to promote their listings and open houses through Facebook and Instagram.
Until very recently, only a handful of agents had attempted to create a Facebook ad campaign on their own. In just a few short weeks, Ringtrail helped us get 35 of our agents running ads for their listings on both Facebook and Instagram. They are already seeing results.
Melody Foster, V.P. Marketing, Zephyr Real Estate

Their Solution

Campaign automation

Zephyr Real Estate used Ringtrail’s automated Facebook and Instagram campaign management tool, which allowed it to bypass time-consuming steps like account setup, ad creation, targeting, budgeting and testing.

Automatic copywriting

Ringtrail’s interface allowed Zephyr’s real estate agents to quickly develop marketing copy for dozens of property ads. First they created a property profile on Ringtrail’s website, which included information like the number of bedrooms, neighborhood description and pricing. Then, Ringtrail’s solution automatically converted this content into ad copy.

Their Success

More clients, less effort

With the help of Ringtrail’s automation tools, Zephyr Real Estate ran ad campaigns for 52 properties on both Facebook and Instagram, securing 1,800 additional website visitors per month. Between February–April 2016, the campaign also delivered:
  • 76% lower cost per lead
  • 12X faster campaign setup time
  • 35 agents up and running listing ads with no prior ad experience